Plasma Cosmetic - Beauty Without Operation!

What is that means - UniquePlasma?

Unique Plasma means; Soft lifting with the Plasma Technique

Based on state-of-the-art plasma technology, it is now possible to eliminate slippages eyelids and so-called wrinkles without surgery!

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What exactly is Plasma?

It is known; liquid state for water, solid state for ice and gaseous state for water vapor in boiling. For example, all are known as the three aggregate states with which we have a daily deal. There is still a fourth aggregate state in plasma research; The PLASMA!

Plasma is ionized gas! It occurs when you add a lot of energy to a gas. I guess that sounds complicated, but it is not! We come into contact with it every day, e.g. Is plasma in fluorescent tubes, in the form of lightning or northern lights in nature and now also in cosmetics.

PLASMA Application in Cosmetics - Gentle Surgery without a Scalpel or Laser!

How does it work?

The machine we use generates a plasma due to the phenomenon of dielectric barrier discharge. Ambient air consisting of nitrogen and oxygen is ionized. When the tip, looking like a needle, holds about 1-2mm above the skin, the PLASMA is created. The tip does not come into contact with the skin. If so, stop the plasmatic sin!

The whole energy of the machine is needed to produce plasma to create a plasma cloud that gently removes the skin and tones it. No current flows through the tip, looking like a needle, or through the skin. There is no damage to the skin, no open wounds and the healing time is significantly lower!

It is NOT a laser method! The skin is NOT opened!

This all sounds very good, but how much does such a treatment cost?

As most people know, eyelid surgery is very expensive. Prices range between Dollar/Euro 1,300 and 1,600 per treatment, if not more, depend on your currency. What I find so great about this treatment method is that it is now also available to the masses because the price is far below the cost of an operation. We are talking about a price between 400 and 600 Dollar/Euro per treatment, depend on your currency and place!

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Plasma ​​​​​Cosmetic can do more!

It is also possible to remove some skin lesions like; moles, freckles, warts, acne, skin tags and age spots.

Plasma Cosmetic Results


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immediately after


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